[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 140128 Kim Junsu with Actress Kim Min Young backstage at ‘December’ Musical

Note: Kim Min Young is a South Korean actress best known for her role as young Kim Jang-Mi in the hit movie Sunny.

[PHOTO] ☺️끼얏!!! 진짜 최고다
[TRANS] Kyaa!!! Really the best

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[TRANS] 140225 Kim Junsu’s Speech for His Final Stage of ‘December’ Musical

Note: speech starts at min 1:20

Everyone, thank you very much for today.
At last, today I’ve finished my final performance. Really, this time, having done performances in Sejong, Busan, and until today in Daegu…
Actually, especially in homegrown musicals, it’s been said that audience is the force for a homegrown musical… I think all this time during my performances I was able to feel the power of the audience.
I would like to once again say thank you very much to all of you.
And also, above all, having been able to perform together with all these wonderful actors is an honour for me, thanks to them I was able to carry through until today. Please give them a big round of applause..
I would also like to thank you for showing a lot of love for Jiwook.
Even though today was my last stage, there’s Gun-Hyung hyung for the remaining Daegu performances, so I would like to ask for your interest and support until the end. Thank you.

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