[HQ FANCAMS] 150321 XIA Junsu 3rd Asia Tour Concert ‘FLOWER’ in Bangkok

X Song



  • Request during genie time 1. Sing ‘Hello, Hello’ 2. Sing ‘I Believe’ (My Sassy Girl OST) 3. Rap Tablo’s part in ‘Flower’ (via @Lookkaew_SK)

Junsu Singing Hello Hello

  • JS was reluctant about rapping. He said ever since he gave an interview saying he likes rap a lot these days. Everyone keeps asking him to rap xD (via @Lookkaew_SK)
  • JS said he couldn’t possibly rap as well as Tablo hyung even tho he heard it numerous times and kept bursting into giggles while rapping xD (via @Lookkaew_SK)

Junsu’s Flower Rap xD

Note: This post will be updated with more fancams once it’s available^^

Credit: ohmyjuncom
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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