[VIDEO + PICS] 150317 Jaejoong and Junsu spotted in subway, filming for something??

1) melonsodaya Instagram Update:

Video Player


2) 조현호 Facebook Update:

A muggle* posted on FB saying:
‘Wow, I saw JYJ at Konkuk University Station. They’re so handsome’ (via @ohmyjunsu)
JYJ3 note: *muggle = non-fan

 photo CAQjptlVAAACLR2.jpg

 photo 11057336_842530799159484_1572556335575470591_n.jpg
 photo 10457875_842530872492810_4217406448298072064_n.jpg
 photo 10561716_842530842492813_5113639183189805383_n.jpg


3) thdud3439 Twitter Update:

아직도 떨면서 쓰는중..
학교가는길에 #김재중#김준수 봤어요!!
촬영중이었어요!!!!!! 와 아직도 떨린다

[TRANS] In the middle of writing while till shaking..
I saw #KimJaejoong #KimJunsu on my way to school
This was where they were in the middle of shooting!!!!!! Wow, I’m still shaking

 photo CAQfP0QVAAAJGFH.jpg


4) More Photos from DC JYJ Gall:

 photo 2015-03-17 09.07.11.png
 photo 2015-03-17 09.06.52.png
 photo 2015-03-17 09.06.31.png
 photo 2015-03-17 09.05.57.png
 photo 2015-03-17 09.06.14.png
 photo 2015-03-17-09-54-49.png
 photo 2015-03-17-09-55-24.png


5) More Photos from someone’s Facebook, via DC JYJ Gall:

 photo 11050766_610391112424938_2541995935511188718_n.jpg
 photo 11036491_610391065758276_773783498989923426_n.jpg
 photo 10985377_610391079091608_7397441207311092861_n.jpg


6) 96_5_23 Instagram Update:

[PHOTOS] 오늘아침에 학교가는길에 상봉역에서 갈아타려고 가는데 김재중이랑 김준수 봤다 .. ♡

[TRANS] I saw Kim Junsu with Kim Jaejoong going by in order to transfer to Sangbong station, on my way to school in the morning, today.. ♡
#celebrity #nice/sweet~ #comment #KimJunsu #KimJaejoong #let’s_follow_each_other #follow_me_first #follow #*heart racing* #direct #instagram#direct #very_handsome

 photo 11008320_958580067487637_1531934713_n.jpg

Credits: melonsodaya + 조현호 + thdud3439 + 2.2.3 & 223.62 via DC JYJ Gall + 96_5_23
Translations by: ohmyjunsu + rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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