[HQ PICS] 150319 Nine Half Evewear Facebook Update: High-quality photoshoot cuts of XIA Junsu

[PHOTOS] 2015 NineHalf 미공개 컷 추가 공개!
XIA(김준수) 고퀄리티 화보촬영컷 함께 공유해요~ ^^

[TRANS] Adding and revealing the undisclosed cuts of 2015 NineHalf!
We are sharing high-quality photoshoot cuts of XIA(Kim Junsu)~ ^^

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%201.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%202.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%203.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%204.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%205.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%206.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%207.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%208.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%209.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2010.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2011.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2012.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2013.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2014.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2015.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2016.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2017.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2018.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2019.jpg

 photo 150319-ninehalf-%2020.jpg

Source: Nine Half Eyewear Facebook
Trans & Shared by: JYJ3

Shared by: Toxic Xiah


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