[FACEBOOK] 150315 JYJ Official Facebook Updates: XIA Junsu’s ‘꽃/Flower”s explosive popularity

 photo 150315cjesjyjfb1.png

[TRANS] XIA who rose as a candidate in the No.1 spot on terrestrial music broadcasts!
He has continued the explosive popularity of his 3rd full album ‘FLOWER”s title song ‘꽃/Flower’^^
You can see the details through the article below~

[KR NEWS] XIA Junsu, No.1 candidate on terrestrial music broadcast despite broadcast restriction via Newsen

 photo 2015031511281613998.jpg


 photo 150315cjesjyjfb2.png

[TRANS] XIA Junsu’s 3rd solo full album!
First week of release! Thanks for the No.1 spot on major music broadcasts and
Next week! There’ll be a gift that’s prepared for all you fans
We are planning on releasing XIA Junsu’s title song stage from the Seoul concert on YouTube!
Title <꽃/Flower> ‘s stage to be evaluated as the best performance!
Please look forward to it^^

Source: JYJ Official Facebook(1,2)
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

Shared by: Toxic Xiah


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