[AUDIO + TRANS] 150309 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio – Tablo & DJ Tukutz mention Junsu’s concert & Genie Time

Tablo: Yesterday, we attended a concert for the first time in a long time as 3.

Tukutz: Yes.

Tablo: Junsu. Kim Junsu. I appeared as a surprise guest too. During his concert, there is a wishing segment..

Tukutz: Genie Time!

Tablo: Yes, a time when fans wish for something and Junsu grants their wish. It’s a really good idea and we’ll do that in our concert too.

Tukutz: Yeah we’ll use that idea too.

Tukutz & Tablo laugh

Tablo: People who saw the concert sent us messages though, saying that “I went to Kim Junsu’s concert yesterday and saw you. You were really awesome. There’s something I’m curious about. During the wish granting segment, Tukutz raised his hand up. What was Tukutz’s wish?”

Tukutz: My wish?

Tablo: Yes. You had your hand up for a long time.

Tukutz: Yes yes.

Tablo: You were like “me me me!” What did you want to wish for?

Tukutz: Well, I put up my kind of like a performance as a concert-goer. I was going to think of a wish if I got picked.

(T/N: In reality, Tablo, Mithra Jin, Tukutz, Kang Hyejung and Haru all put their hands up during Genie Time! ^^)

Credit: @Dvelyyy/달봉 _JYJ
Translations by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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