[TRANS] 150307 Junsu’s Press Conference before 2015 XIA 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Seoul ‘FLOWER’ (Day 1)

Because I’ve got the limit to appear on TV, I can freely make songs without the limit


“My new album is different from other albums that I’ve released…
I want to show soft voices that I’ve had since I debuted..”

“It’s not a kind of album to follow the trend but I tried to fill the special and unique feelings only I have. So I think it’s good to look forward to it.”

​”Normally, I make to release an album once a year but this time I needed more time.
I tried to make it even harder because it’s an album that I released after a quite long time.”

“Because I’ve got the limit to appear on TV,
I needed a courage to make an official album filled with more than 10 songs.”

“I didn’t make an album to think about the popularity.
But every time I make my album, I’m always in conflict with my agency.
Then we try to find the interface that both of us want to show to the public.”

​”Honestly, concert is the only place to meet my fans because I’ve got the limit to appear on TV.
I think I must show through the concert.. so I tried to fill many kinds of songs.”

– About the title song-‘FLOWER’ that Junsu made- and the new album
“Originally, the title of this song was not ‘FLOWER’, actually it was ‘TAKE MY HAND’.
Suddenly, I just wanted to make the reverse of it.
Honestly, I compared this song to flower when I wrote this song.
So, the day before we recorded, I just said ‘I want to change the title of my song as ‘flower’.
Finally, it became ‘FLOWER’.
Because people would think my title is dance music, I just wanted to give people strange feelings and curiosity-why he decided the title as ‘FLOWER’.
I just wanted to make people think why the title is ‘FLOWER’..
Normally, people heard the word-flower.. they just remind of beautiful, nobel and lovely images.
But I think, on the other hand, flower has the images to break and to be stepped brutally.
I just want to show those kinds of reverse.
It’s not a trendy song but it’s brandnew and has unique feelings.
I just wanted to make a new feelings, not a kind of extensions of my other albums.
Especially, I’ve got lots of inspirations while I was working as a musical actor.
I tried to fill them in my new album.
Come to think of it, I’ve not sung songs with relaxing my voices.
Actually, I also have soft voices that I’ve had since I debuted.. I want to show it.
I considered this as well when I chose songs to fill my album.”

– About the track 8-Musical in life..
“I’ve had the limit to live a normal life because I’m a singer but I think I can experience the others’ life on the stage because I’m a singer.
I just wanted to express my feelings to thank to sing on the stage.”

– About the featuring rappers of this album..
“I considered the featuring rapper after I’ve recorded my part.
A​fter Jaejoong and Yuchun listened to this song, they told me ‘You must involve Tablo in the rap part of this song. I thought the same.
AR teams of our agency went MBC(Tablo is DJ of MBC radio program) and asked him.
He readily accepted to feature the song.
​It took only 15~20 minutes to record that part but we talked about our each life for 2 hours.
If he didn’t do it, I would have considered to change the title of this album.
(about other songs featured other rapper joined -YDG&Dok2) I just repeatedly listened to rap parts, not to listen to my part. They made absolutely good results.”

– About the feelings before the concert..
“As I told before… because I’ve got the limit to appear on TV.. it’s too hard to show my performance on TV.
So I’ve never carelessly performed on the stage.
While I’m standing on the stage as an musical actor, even I repeatedly perform the same episode 50~60 times.. I’m alway on the stage with my utmost efforts.”

– About the new album filled 13 songs…
“Because I think it’s a present for my fans, I always fill more than 10 songs in my album even if it was quite hard to me. ​
And now I have a kind of pride that I’ve always ​done it.
If I could freely appear on TV, I think I would make trendy and popular songs.
Because I couldn’t do it, I think I could make songs that I’ve always wanted.
I hope to show my fans various kinds of performances for 2 hours concert. For this reason, I tried to fill various songs for my album.”

– About the concert…
​”This concert is not a type of enjoying and shouting together because of character of my album.
But, clearly, there are something special and brandnew only XIA has.
I hope my fans enjoy this concert like watching musical.
I’ll try to do my best on the stage with my 10 years career as a singer.”

– Lastly, the enlistment of Jaejoong…
I think.. as a Korean man… we must serve it.
As he goes for the first time as a member of my group, now I just can feel it in my bones, not to feel sorry.
But I have no special talking because all Korean men do it…
Actually, we’ve prepared to do it several years ago. Of course, I hope to say ‘Fighting’ to him.
But, because all Korean men do it, so there’s nothing to tell him specially.
I just hope to say he’ll be back well and healthily without any hurts.
I’ll also try to work harder until I enlist.

Translations by: @theyoungestmin
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah

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