[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 150307 2015 XIA 3rd Asia Tour Concert in Seoul ‘FLOWER’ (Day 1)

  • listenxiah: 입장💗

  • 6002_kkomung: 11구역 10열 시야
  • Y_S_H_I: No photos…yeah right! Hahaha
  • sugarnoona: MV is on the screen
  • Y_S_H_I: Flower MV now
  • sugarnoona: Junsu mom and dad are on 2nd floor level 13구역
  • xiahfuj: Starting!!!!!!!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: I love the stage!!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Incredible!!!!
  • JYJ_PH: Incredible! it’s like in a disco! #Xia #Flower
  • Y_S_H_I: His coat and his hair…same color hahahah
  • Y_S_H_I: Party!!!!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Dance god Junsu!!!!!!!’
  • Y_S_H_I: In bright light the coat is blue
  • JyjBabylove:
  • Y_S_H_I: Wowow sexy junsu!!!! He took off his coat and his arm muscles are so so toned!!!! 😍
  • Y_S_H_I: Hipthrusting while his hands are on his pockets!!! Oh gosh
  • Y_S_H_I: Junsu!!!! You’ll give me a heartattack!!!!!! Hahahahah
  • Y_S_H_I: He’s all in white now looking like an angel over the clouds backdrop
  • Y_S_H_I: Fans are asking him to throw the towel he used hehehe
  • sugarnoona: I feel he put a lot of talk time in this concert…
  • sugarnoona: Junsu looks so young with that white glitter casual jacket…
  • sugarnoona: On the air junsu with white outfit singing love you more..is super amazing
  • Y_S_H_I: Ost medley…his voice is sooooo beautiful
  • Y_S_H_I: Oh so the butterfly was for him to ride on! Daebak!!!!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Genie time
  • sugarnoona: GENIE TIME
  • Y_S_H_I: He is so near i wanna touch his hair!!!!
  • ohmyjunsu: 1st genie time wish is Outsider’s Loner!!
  • Y_S_H_I: Hahahahaha junsu leave the rapping to yoochun hahahahah
  • sugarnoona: #1 genie time a fan made mock up of his album… ask junsu to rap
  • ohmyjunsu: Wow Junsu is rapping it super well XDDD this is the song Junsu mentioned in the 1theK hashtag interview thing
  • sugarnoona: #2 medley of his song
  • sugarnoona: Be the one
  • ohmyjunsu: 2nd wish: Dance medley
    Be The One
  • sugarnoona: X song
  • sugarnoona: Taran
  • ohmyjunsu: Be The One
    X song
  • Y_S_H_I: He danced to the medley made by the fan…he really is the dance god
  • It seems like the medley was sound edited by the fan. I heard Junsu say “You edited it really well, thank you”
  • Junsu just sang a part of Jaejoong’s “I’ll Protect You”!!!
    ‘Jikyeo ju go shipeo~~’
  • Y_S_H_I: Another fan asked him to sing songs from a songbook
  • beanmic:
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu is singing 약속했던 그때에 (Always There) from Rising Sun album
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu is doing a 4th wish for fans~ Super nice genie-nimohmyjunsu: 4th wish: Junsu sang 체념 by Big Mama
  • ohmyjunsu: 3/7 Genie Time
    1. Loner – Outsider
    2. Dance Medley
    (JJ’s “Protect You”)
    3. 약속했던 그때에 (Always There) – TVXQ
    4. 체념 – Big Mama
  • Y_S_H_I: Out of control!!!! my fave!!!!
  • beanmic:
  • Y_S_H_I: Musical in Life! So cute!!!
  • Eude0604:
  • Y_S_H_I: The end
  • Lookkaew_SK:
  • XiahDerTod: Junsu listed his tour stop when he said next stop is Shanghai there were fans screaming then Junsu started to talk in Chinese lol
  • XiahDerTod: ‘Hello, I am XIA. How is your parent (mother father) doing?’ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
  • JyjBabylove:
  • JyjBabylove:
  • JyjBabylove:
  • Lookkaew_SK:
  • The_4Feel:
  • Y_S_H_I: I got this from #XIA 😄
  • ohmyjunsu: Junsu’s last words of the 3/7 concert (Via @happy_junsu)
  • JyjBabylove:
  • sugarnoona: X Song and Out of Control live version is amazing… much much much better than the recorded version
  • sugarnoona: I think Flower concert is the most fun concert compare to Tarantallegra and Incredible.
  • sugarnoona: This concert probably has the most talk time compare to other.. He sang 2-3 songs than talk time.. most of it i don’t understand ㅠㅠ
  • sugarnoona: The concert started with an opening MV showing 2 Junsu. One wearing a red suit with confident and sexy look on his face.. bangs up and all.
  • sugarnoona: The other was wearing white suit with pure young looks on his face.. bangs are down..
  • sugarnoona: Love you more live version = Junsu with white glitering suit floating behind a veil (like uncommitted) and they projected butterfly’s wings.
  • xiarari:

Live tweets trans credits: listenxiah + 6002_kkomung + Y_S_H_I + sugarnoona + JYJ_PH + ohmyjunsu + Eude0604 + XiahDerTod + Lookkaew_SK + The_4Feel + JyjBabylove + beanmic
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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