[STAFF ACCOUNT] 141206 JYJ’s hand-printing & panel in Korea Tourism Organization’s Tourist Information Center

Appearance of JYJ’s hand-printing & panel in the Tourist Information Center

 photo B4TKB_4CEAAkm-5.jpg

The hand-printings and life-sized panels of JYJ –who were appointed as [Korea] Medical Tourism ambassadors– have made its appearance in the Tourist Information Center(TIC) on the 1st basement floor level(B1) of the Korea Tourism Organization(KTO)!

This is the blog of that time↓

★2014.10.01(Wed) Appointing JYJ as the official ambassadors for [Korea] Medical Tourism

 photo o0540036013084242500.jpg

That was already 2 months ago~

And、here is JYJ’s panels!

 photo o0303054013148159670.jpg

 photo o0540030313148159671.jpg

There is a total of 3 sets。

And this is their hand-printing here。

 photo o0540030313148159905.jpg

 photo o0540030313148159672.jpg

Jejung‘s hand-printing
 photo o0540030313148159904.jpg

Junsu‘s hand-printing
 photo o0540030313148159902.jpg

Yuchun‘s hand-printing
 photo o0540030313148159669.jpg

The hand-printings are hidden in their panels, please search well for it because it’s difficult to be seen~ photo 102839.gif


Credit: Visit Korea’s Ameblo blog (JP)
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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