[TWITTER] 140904 Kim Junsu Twitter Updates: Xiacula’s “Letting Go” + Creations

 photo 140904kjstw1.png

[TRANS] Finally.. It’s the day to let you go.
After missing [her] for 400 years, why are you leaving like a fool.. You shouldn’t let go to the end.
I’ll let you go today with cherish.. I’ll miss you, Dracula..

 photo BwqD9WUCEAAWRwc.jpg


 photo 140904kjstw2.png

[TRANS] My creations.. the vampires.
Let’s swallow London for sure today!!!!!!

 photo BwrrLyTCMAAGXeD.jpg


 photo 140904kjstw3.png

[TRANS] I had happy times because all of you. I love you all

 photo Bwsg6B3CcAAUovN.jpg


 photo 140904kjstw4.png

[TRANS] Jinju nuna who was with me all the times I was XiaTod and times I was Xiacula~
Her look is different but she’s still the same ㅋ

 photo Bwsos4QCMAElbnS.jpg

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu(1,2) + @theyoungestmin + JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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