[TRANS] 140901 Actor Ji Chang-wook mentions Junsu in his interview

Q. We know that you are acquainted with JYJ’s XIA Junsu. How did you become acquainted? Maybe you’re drinking buddies??

Junsu hyung has an older brother who I was filming with me during ‘Empress Ki’ and he is Junsu hyung’s twin brother (laugh) One day Junsu hyung came to watch because he was very interested in watching ‘Empress Ki’. I came to know him because they are related. Even now our soccer team captain is Junsu hyung (laugh) Actually today he had gone to Hong Kong on an airplane right before us. He was going to Hong Kong when I contacted him and I told him that I was at the airport to go to Hong Kong (laugh) That’s why I went to see when I saw a car (laugh) But somehow we didn’t have time [to meet] and so hyung went first. I haven’t seen him yet.

XIA Junsu is your hyung? – Haha he is a little bit, since hyung is probably a quick ’87er by a day. But Mooyoung[/Junho] –who’s the same– is a hyung from the start, and I told him that he is my hyung and I call him that; [therefore] Junsu hyung has become my hyung too (laughs)

Sources: Hankyung via Naver
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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