[NEWS] 140821 Kim Jun Su’s Jeju Island to be unveiled

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The interior of Kim Jun Su’s hotel at Jeju Island will be unveiled.

September edition of magazine ‘Styler Housewife Life’ will reveal the interior of Kim Jun Su’s Toscana Hotel, which will open on September 25th.

The hotel is located at Gangjeong-dong of the city of Seoguipo, and it has Mountain Halla behind, a vast area of greens, and a beach.

According to a representative of the magazine company, the concept of the hotel is ‘a vacation destination in nature,’ and the hotel’s chief manager said, “The entire hotel was designed to blend well with natural environment.”

He also said, “Even the roads inside the resort area were built with stones from Jeju Island. The budget went up much higher, but use of asphalts and concretes were prohibited for customers’ health.”

Kim Jun Su’s father, Kim Jin Seok, said, “We were planning to open the hotel in April, but things got delayed while trying to make everything in shape.”

The total budget for the hotel also went up to 28.5 billion KRW, which is almost twice the originally planned budget(15 billion KRW).

Kim Jun Su stopped by the hotel whenever he could find spare time, and he even came up with the hotel’s name, ‘Toscana.’ Kim Jun Su’s father said, “While thinking about the hotel’s name, Kim Jun Su thought of Toscana of Italy, and we registered the name.”

The hotel’s outer interior was designed in European style, and all of the decorations, facilities, and amenities are at the top of the game. It is said that each room took approximately 40 million KRW.

The entire resort is organized of 7 different buildings: Main Building, four Pool Villa Building, Spa Building, and Seminar Building.

The hotel’s most luxurious suite, ‘Villa Toscana,’ is a room that Kim Jun Su showed the most particular care for. The villa has its own pool, terrace, whirl pool, and parking lot. The customer’s privacy will be kept as the priority, and it almost looks like a villa at Bali or other high-end vacation destinations.

It is said that a major outdoor concert venue will be installed behind the Seminar Building, and the entire hotel is busily going through last processes.

Kim Jin Seok said, “The hotel does not have anythin that would remind people of Kim Jun Su. My son and I both think that we should be evaluated by the level of our service.”

Meanwhile, September edition of ‘Styler Housewife Life’ will give a detailed introduction about Toscana Hotel and its facilities.

Credit: Star N News EN
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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