[NEWS] 140820 JYJ to Perform at the Opening Ceremony of ‘Incheon Asian Games’

After much talk and conflict, JYJ will be participating at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

According to C-JeS Entertainment on August 20, JYJ will attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games on September 19 at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, where the members will sing the Asian Games official song, Only One.

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“When JYJ was anointed as honorary ambassadors, we were promised that JYJ would perform at both the opening and closing ceremonies, but at the end of discussions, we will only be singing one song before the finale of the opening ceremony.

JYJ has fulfilled all duties as the honorary ambassadors, recording the song and participating in the music videos and commercials, as well as promotions. However, in July, the Incheon Asian Games committee revealed a list of performers for the Opening and Closing ceremonies and JYJ was not mentioned, causing C-JeS Entertainment to release a statement asking for the committee to be fair.

Source: Mwave


[NEWS] JYJ to perform at Incheon Asiad opening ceremony

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Idol group JYJ is to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, its agency announced Tuesday.

“JYJ will sing the official song of Incheon Asian Games ‘Only One’ in the opening ceremony on Sept. 19, right before the finale,” C-jeS Entertainment was quoted as saying.

“The group was originally pledged to do the finale of both the opening and closing ceremonies of the event, but the promise was failed to be kept,” the agency added. “Nevertheless, JYJ decided to perform with responsibility as the promotional ambassador.”

Controversy arose when the Incheon Asian Games organizing committee last month excluded JYJ from the performance cast list for the opening ceremony.

The 17th Incheon Asian Games will be held from Sept. 19 to Oct. 4 with the attendance of 45 countries including North Korea.

Source: The Korea Herald
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