[PRESS PICS] 140815 JYJ at Press Conference for 2014 JYJ Concert in Hong Kong ‘RETURN OF THE KING’

 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi781t3dj21kw2dcu0x.jpg

 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi6yoi5wj21kw11xdug.jpg
 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi6tad0bj21kw11xtr4.jpg
 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi6yz7g0j21kw2dc4qp.jpg
 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi74rlkuj21kw2dcnpd.jpg
 photo 6a165c19gw1ejdi6y9p4fj21kw11xtp8.jpg
 photo bee6a3cegw1ejdgy3mwmlj20hi096abv.jpg
 photo _1408107813154SL4_A9F9A30D83DE6ADF6756BF6AD79E2CD2.jpg
 photo _1408107837381SL4_BEA3909B91AC6C14235AE0AD4D3FCAD2.jpg

Credits: 爱奇艺娱乐 + 明報OL網 + + CHEER_Magazine
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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