[HQ PICS] 140814 Kim Junsu in Musical ‘Dracula’: Curtain Call (8pm performance)

 photo intoday01.jpg

 photo intoday02.jpg

 photo intoday03.jpg

 photo radieux01.jpg

 photo radieux02.jpg

 photo radieux03.jpg

 photo radieux04.jpg

 photo radieux05.jpg

 photo radieux06.jpg

 photo comma01.jpg

 photo comma02.jpg

 photo comma03.jpg

 photo comma04.jpg

 photo comma05.jpg

 photo comma06.jpg

 photo ohmyjun01.jpg

 photo ohmyjun02.jpg

 photo ohmyjun03.jpg

 photo ohmyjun04.jpg

 photo ohmyjun05.jpg

 photo ohmyjun06.jpg

 photo ohmyjun07.jpg

Credits: JYJ in Today + @radieux_xia + @oh_comma + Ohmyjun.com
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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