[HQ PICS] 140811 JYJ’s “Just Us” Album Fansign Event – Junsu

 photo njPz1HD.jpg

 photo CCMAs5o.jpg

 photo r5NS1Zv.jpg

 photo WpZFrdp.jpg

 photo hrlXkC1.jpg

 photo VAtayFW.jpg

 photo JYJinToday-3.jpg

 photo OhMyJun.jpg

 photo To_Xia04.jpg

 photo To_Xia03.jpg

 photo To_Xia01.jpg

 photo To_Xia02.jpg

 photo To_Xia05.jpg

 photo To_Xia06.jpg

 photo missuJxiah06.jpg

 photo missuJxiah20.jpg

 photo missuJxiah21.jpg

 photo missuJxiah22.jpg

 photo missuJxiah23.jpg

 photo missuJxiah24.jpg

 photo missuJxiah25.jpg

 photo missuJxiah26.jpg

 photo missuJxiah27.jpg

 photo missuJxiah28.jpg

 photo missuJxiah10.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_03.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_04.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_05.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_06.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_07.jpg

 photo Lavender2007_08.jpg

 photo xia_marii09.jpg

 photo xia_marii10.jpg

 photo xia_marii11.jpg

 photo xia_marii12.jpg

 photo xia_marii13.jpg

 photo xia_marii14.jpg

 photo xia_marii15.jpg

 photo xia_marii16.jpg

 photo xia_marii17.jpg

 photo xia_marii18.jpg

 photo xia_marii19.jpg

 photo xia_whisper_01.jpg

 photo xia_whisper_02.jpg

 photo xia_whisper_03.jpg

 photo xia_whisper_04.jpg

 photo xia_whisper_07.jpg

 photo 2125kyjje_02.jpg

 photo 2125kyjje_03.jpg

 photo 2125kyjje_04.jpg

 photo Elf07.jpg

 photo Elf08.jpg

 photo ohcomma05.jpg

 photo ohcomma06.jpg

Credits: As tagged + Nameless +86 @mjmungzi + JYJinToday + CongKr + DearJae + @missuJxiah + RomanticSky + @TO_XIA + @onlyxiacom + @_WithXIA + @Lavender2007 + @xia_marii + ELF依_传说中的YY + xiaoppa + xia_whisper + ParadiseJJ + 2125kyjje + ohcomma + Lepus + Yuki + Pyo + Sihyun + cathrina
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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