[REVIEW] 140811 JYJ holds a concert THE RETURN OF THE KING: A BLAST!

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JYJ who held an exclusive concert in three years has become hotter and more mature. It seemed that JYJ and their 30 thousand fans that filled Jamsil Main Stadium are now become more than a family; they laughed and went crazy all together.

JYJ opened a concert JYJ Asia Tour in Seoul-THE RETURN OF THE KING, held in Seoul Jamsil Main Stadium on the 9th.

Fans had arrived at the stadium quite earlier before the concert began with flattering and joy. Not only fans from Korea but also from all over the places, including Japan, China, North America, Europe, and South America. It was also noticeable that fans in their age of 10s to 50s and males and females had come to the concert to see JYJ.

They were taking photos in front of the wrapping bus that had JYJ’s photos on it, sharing lunch boxes together and listening to JYJ’s songs.

When it got dark, Jamsil Main Stadium started filling with red color that stands for JYJ. 30 thousand fans were shouting JYJ from the beginning to the end all throughout the concert.

JYJ started the concert with ‘Creation’, included in the second album ‘JUST US’, followed by singing ‘Be the One’, a title song of the first regular album; and then ‘Babo Boy’.

Fireworks went off to announce the beginning of the concert and laser show added more beauty to the spot. On the left and right side of the main stage has 100 meter long runways and 80 meter long projecting stage was stretched out from the main stage so that JYJ can get closer to the fans.

After finishing the first stage JYJ were overcome with a joy, saying, “It’s been three years so we worried. And we wished the weather would be good. The weather is just perfect today. We’ve really missed all of you.”

Follow to this, JYJ were soothing fans hearts with ‘Dad, You There’ and ‘Let me See’.

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JYJ members performed as solos as well.

Kim Jaejoong sang ‘Dear J’, Kim Junsu sang ‘7 years old’, and Park Yoochun dominated the stage with song ‘30’. Kim Junsu heated up the stage with songs ‘Tarantallega’ and ‘Turn it Up’, which led shouting of admiration from the fans.

Park Yoochun transformed into a sweet guy with a song ‘Walk with her in Spring’ and showed unexpected turn of charming with a song ‘I Love You’ while performing sexy dance with female dancers. Kim Jaejoong exudes rock sprit with songs ‘Butterfly’ and ‘Mine’. When he took his sweaty shirt off, fans went crazy.

JYJ went closer to the fans that were seated far from the stage and wrapped up the concert with the title song ‘Back Seat’.

Furthermore, JYJ has presented splendid things- a pillar of fire, flowers, and water show- to see to entertain the fans.

JYJ who has worked for 10 years did not forget to express their gratitude towards the fans. “We knew that you were there for us and laughed and cried with us for 10 years of time even though we could not see. We were sorry and thankful all throughout the time,” said JYJ.

“We will do better. We’re sure that we can be happier than the past from now on. We thank you and love you.” Fans were moved when JYJ said this.

Meanwhile, JYJ will go on Asia Tour to 8 cities, including Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai starting from the concert in Seoul.

Source: Asia Today EN
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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