[INFO] 140808 #JYJ in the List of SBS Inkigayo No.1 Nominees this week

JYJ vs. Block B Vs. Sistar in the List of  SBS Inkigayo No.1 Nominees this week

 photo BufV-HICQAA3rtp.png

Note: We can support JYJ using SNS.

SBS Inkigayo (broadcast every Sunday)

60% Digital Sales
35% SNS Score
5% Voting (voting through mobile app ‘엠앤TV톡’)

SNS Points (35% for SBS Inkigayo)

1) YouTube (MV Views, Comments and Likes),
Please Watch the Official JYJ’s Back Seat MV Here

2) Facebook (Comments, Share, Like)

3) Twitter (Mention, Retweet, Search #JYJ)

Include #JYJ and #BackSeat in your tweets, Please do not use more than 2 hashtags if not it will be considered as Spam. And make sure your account is opened to the public (not on private).
10 RT = 1 SNS point

4) Me2day (Search #JYJ, Commenst, Like)

Credits: SBS via @Ohmyjun_com
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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