[HQ PICS] 140809 JYJ Concert in Seoul ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ – Kim Junsu Focus

 photo BupjuXrCIAI5RnJ.jpg

 photo BupjusECEAA0C0A.jpg

 photo Bupjui-CIAAZuEe.jpg

 photo ohmyjun01.jpg

 photo ohmyjun02.jpg

 photo ohmyjun03.jpg

 photo ohmyjun04.jpg

 photo ohmyjun05.jpg

 photo ohmyjun06.jpg

 photo ohmyjun07.jpg

 photo ohmyjun08.jpg

 photo ohmyjun09.jpg

 photo ohmyjun10.jpg

 photo twinklingj01.jpg

 photo twinklingj02.jpg

 photo twinklingj03.jpg

 photo twinklingj04.jpg

 photo twinklingj05.jpg

 photo twinklingj06.jpg

 photo twinklingj07.jpg

 photo twinklingj08.jpg

 photo twinklingj09.jpg

 photo twinklingj10.jpg

 photo twinklingj11.jpg

 photo twinklingj12.jpg

 photo twinklingj13.jpg

 photo twinklingj14.jpg

 photo twinklingj15.jpg

 photo twinklingj16.jpg

 photo twinklingj17.jpg

 photo twinklingj18.jpg

 photo twinklingj19.jpg

 photo twinklingj20.jpg

 photo twinklingj21.jpg

 photo destinyjun01.jpg

 photo destinyjun02.jpg

 photo destinyjun03.jpg

 photo destinyjun04.jpg

 photo destinyjun05.jpg

 photo destinyjun06.jpg

 photo destinyjun07.jpg

 photo destinyjun08.jpg

 photo 140809_1.jpg

 photo 140809_2.jpg

 photo 140809_3.jpg

 photo 140809_4.jpg

 photo 140809_5.jpg

 photo 140809_6.jpg

 photo 140809_7.jpg

 photo 140809_8.jpg

 photo 140809_9.jpg

 photo 140809_10.jpg

 photo 140809_11.jpg

 photo 140809_12.jpg

 photo 140809_13.jpg

 photo 140809_14.jpg

 photo 140809_15.jpg

 photo 140809_16.jpg

 photo IMG_1480.jpg

 photo IMG_1510.jpg

 photo IMG_1514b.jpg

 photo IMG_1523.jpg

 photo IMG_1550.jpg

 photo IMG_1578.jpg

 photo IMG_1628.jpg

 photo IMG_1699.jpg

 photo IMG_2535.jpg

 photo IMG_2560.jpg

 photo IMG_2596.jpg

 photo IMG_2606.jpg

 photo IMG_2608.jpg

 photo IMG_2609.jpg

 photo IMG_2617.jpg

 photo IMG_2622.jpg

 photo IMG_2631.jpg

 photo IMG_2641.jpg

 photo IMG_257000000.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEa0M2bWdSRzVqTEU.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEaHFZTTU5VXBSMHM.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEc0laYTVwd21Nb2s.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEeVFjZmVOaHhXQnM.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEeXQwRmQxbDBNaVE.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEMXZVb0tobjhaREE.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnERVdKMHVKMUVjNm8.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnERzBtUVVsajJuNFU.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEU2dtQjFYOVpMTFk.jpg

 photo 0B8Y74rZLTxnEUk9ZTEF1elBFc0E.jpg

 photo Bur2BgfCUAESxPj.jpg

 photo Burdr15CAAEB6h7.jpg

 photo BurgSrRCcAI4Mk0.jpg

 photo BurhY69CUAAhMIP.jpg

 photo BurjrzeCEAAbt2u.jpg

 photo BurkoGtCcAEF97a.jpg

 photo BurnXwLCIAEpXtV.jpg

 photo BuvR2rtCcAIfrK8.jpg

Credits: ohmyjun + twinklingj + destinyjun + Onlyxiah + sweeeetvoice + To.Xia + @am12_15
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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