[HQ PICS] 140728 Kim Junsu at ‘Sea Fog’ VIP Premiere – Part 2

Part 1

 photo picnicxiah01.png

 photo picnicxiah02.png

 photo picnicxiah03.png

 photo picnicxiah04.png

 photo picnicxiah05.png

 photo intoday01.jpg

 photo intoday02.jpg

 photo intoday03.jpg

 photo intoday04.jpg

 photo intoday05.jpg

 photo intoday06.jpg

 photo intoday07.jpg

 photo intoday08.jpg

 photo intoday09.jpg

 photo intoday10.jpg

 photo intoday11.jpg

 photo toxia06.jpg

 photo toxia07.jpg

 photo toxia08.jpg

 photo toxia09.jpg

 photo toxia10.jpg

 photo toxia11.jpg

 photo toxia12.jpg

 photo toxia13.jpg

 photo toxia14.jpg

 photo toxia15.jpg

 photo onlyxia01.jpg

 photo onlyxia02.jpg

 photo onlyxia03a.jpg

 photo onlyxia04a.jpg

 photo onlyxia05a.jpg

 photo onlyxia06a.jpg

 photo onlyxia07a.jpg

 photo onlyxia08a.jpg

 photo destinyjun01.jpg

 photo destinyjun02.jpg

 photo destinyjun03.jpg

 photo destinyjun04.jpg

 photo destinyjun05.jpg

 photo destinyjun06.jpg

 photo destinyjun07.jpg

 photo destinyjun08.jpg

 photo destinyjun09.jpg

 photo destinyjun10.jpg

 photo destinyjun11.jpg

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Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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