[HQ PRESS PICS] 140804 New Photos from 2014 JYJ Membership Week – Venue + Fanmeeting & Showcase + Press Conference

2014.07.31~08.03 – Fans at the Venue

2014.08.02 – Rehearsal

 photo 30000402044.jpg

2014.08.03 – Fanmeeting & Showcase

 photo 1407141642-54-org.jpg
 photo 1407140947-65-org.jpg
 photo 1407140928-83-org.jpg
 photo 1407140962-11-org.jpg
 photo 1407141070-74-org.jpg
 photo 1407141129-41-org.jpg

 photo 1407140979-97-org.jpg
 photo 1407141147-60-org.jpg

2014.08.03 – Press Conference

 photo 704_1380386_911504.jpg
 photo 704_1380387_648454.jpg
 photo 704_1380388_981158.jpg
 photo 704_1380389_921878.jpg
 photo 704_1380390_967539.jpg

Credits: Sina + Top Star News + SBS
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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