[PRESS PICS] 140803 JYJ’s Membership Week – Fanmeeting & Showcase – Junsu


 photo BuGjSgFIEAA3DnG.jpg

 photo BuGdZ0QCcAApqSc.jpg

 photo BuGj1hJIUAA9RtK.jpg




 photo BuGa2U5CAAAE9pU.jpg

 photo BuGgq2ECQAA6pvl.jpg

 photo BuGdJklCMAEsX2Y.jpg

 photo BuGfOfvCEAAakmr.jpg

 photo BuGcwYtCYAA9wTi.jpg

 photo BuGePqQIgAAFUAY.jpg

 photo BuGeOluIQAA36Tn.jpg

 photo BuGd_42CYAALSrV.jpg

 photo BuGa2XNCUAAKGQv.jpg

 photo BuGcZFtCAAAU4cp.jpg

 photo BuGc7AiCYAAR4Xy.jpg

 photo BuGc7XwCQAAovvk.jpg

 photo BuGcYlDIUAE1Wkf.jpg

 photo BuGgqwuCAAE-ifN.jpg

 photo BuGg2O8IAAEyNdk.jpg

Kim Junsu

 photo BuGlQP2CcAAE7Le.jpg

 photo BuGlGYRCIAAlOIi.jpg

 photo BuGbStzCUAAUoX3.jpg

 photo BuGdbUTCEAAGgOZ.jpg

 photo BuGcZMlCEAAhQxZ.jpg

Credit: As tagged
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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