[TRANS] Fellow Actors’ ‘Special Compliments’ to Kim Junsu

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Musical <Dracula>, one of the most-anticipated show of the performing arts field in the second half of this year was unveiled. The Broadway musical ‘Dracula,’ which is based on Irish writer Bram Storker’s novel, opened on the 17th and is meeting with the audience.

On the 22nd, a press preview was held at the Opera Theater of Seoul Arts Center. Including producer Shin Chunsoo, the performing actors such as Ryu Junghan, Kim Junsu, Jo Jungeun, Jung Sunah, Yang Junmo, Kai, Jo Ganghyun, Lee Jeehye, etc. attended the press preview, and explained the show and played the main scenes.

During the Q & A session after playing the highlight of the performance, there was a scene that caught people’s eyes. Praises from staffs’ and fellow actors’ showered upon Kim Junsu who played ‘Count Dracula.’ An assortment of ‘special praises’ continued from producer Shin Chunsoo, as well as senior actors such as Ryu Junghan, Jo Jungeun, Jung Sunah, etc. Their comments were different from general empty compliments made in public. It showed how much recognition Kim Junsu achieved through musical <Dracula> at one glance.

“This is the first time for me to work with Kim Junsu and I thought how attractive ‘Dracula’ can be on his stage,” said producer Shin Chunsoo. “Kim Junsu is more hard-working than anyone else when practicing or performing, He’s young but contributed a lot [to the musical] with a wide understanding of the character and the show.”

Ryu Junghan, the double-casted actor, said “The audience knows how well Kim Junsu is performing so there is no need to explain it one by one,” and gave him the thumbs-up, calling him the “best actor.”

“Performing ‘Dracula’ together, I wished I could have a younger brother like Junsu,” said Ryu Junghan who was also double-casted in musical <Elisabeth> in 2012 with a bright smile. He added, “Junsu-ssi is so cute and does well too. We actors like him a lot,” and showed special affection, saying Kim Junsu is an actor he wants to act with once again.

Ryu Junghan’s high compliment continued. “There is a song called ‘Loving You Keeps Me Alive’ in this musical. To be honest, during the practice, I didn’t think it was a very good song. However, watching Junsu-ssi singing this song so well, I even began to think ‘Was this song this nice?’”

“It is the first time for me to act with Junsu-ssi and I felt he is an actor with remarkable sensibility,” said Jo Jungeun, an actress that play Mina the counterpart. “I receive a lot of energy during the performance and a lot of help in my acting. I saw ‘Dracula’ rich in emotion.”

“As you all know, Kim Junsu has a lot of talent,” said Jung Sunah, who starred in musical <Mozart!> in 2010 as a couple with Kim Junsu. She highlighted his charm saying “He is an actor that boosts the counterpart’s emotions.” She added, “He played various characters until now but I think ‘Dracula’ was an opportunity for him to settle firmly as a musical actor,”

In fact, Kim Junsu received compliments in the past too. Special affection of Sylvester Levay, a world-wide composer who wrote songs for ‘Mozart!’ ‘Elisabeth,’ ‘Rebecca,’ etc., is especially famous in the performance field.

“There is an actor I cannot help but mention. It is Kim Junsu. It was an honor that he participated in my musical. His presence on stage is the best in the world,” said Sylvester Levay at the press conference in Korea last year.

Credit: Wowtv
Translated by: XIAH PRESS
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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