[INFO] 140728 C-JeS Official Site Update: JYJ’s Comeback Outdoor media & Wrapping Bus Schedule

In regards to JYJ’s comeback advertisements
We are informing you about the influential magazines and outdoor electronic billboards, as well as ping buses schedules.

– Magazines: Vogue, Vogue Girl, W Korea, Allure, Singles August issues

– Outdoor billboards: CGV Gangnam, CGV panorama nationwide, Dongdaemun HelloAPM, Youngbo Chemical by Samseong station, Myeong-dong RED EYE, Hongdae Peace Building, Lotte main department store in Myeong-dong, Yeouido IFC, Gangnam Gate Vision

– Wrapping buses: reference to the timetable (The wrapping bus operating schedule is subject to change partially depending on the circumstance.)

 photo JYJ_C625C678AD11ACE0_D0C0C784D14CC774BE14.jpg

Source: C-JeS Official Homepage 1
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

Shared by: Toxic Xiah


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