[NEWS] 140723 Musical ‘Dracula’, Who are the stars ‘enamored~’ by its beautiful kiss?

(First row from the left) Kim Mooyoung[/Junho], Gummy, Park Yuchun, Park Joomi, and Jung Sukwon at Musical ‘Dracula”s VIP event viewing | Photo Credit:OD Musical Company

Korea’s best stars saw Count Dracula’s beautiful kiss.

Musical ‘Dracula’ held a VIP event viewing of local celebrities on July 22. On this day, Jung Sukwon, Park Joomi, Kim Mooyoung[/Junho], Park Sieun, Im Jooeun, Gummy, Sohyang, Kim Hoyoung, including JYJ Park Yuchun, and others watched ‘Dracula’.

After watching the performance, they collectively left rave reviews, like, “A performance beyond my expectation” “‘Dracula’ is the highest peak of musical performances” “Kim Junsu did not disappoint his audience” “He seem to have recited the most sorrowful poem in the world” and praises, like, “I really felt the most beautiful kiss” “The story, songs, stage; everything was the perfect performance” and more toward the musical.

In the same group with Kim Junsu who’s performing enthusiastically as Count Dracula in ‘Dracula’, Park Yuchun showed loyalty and friendship among colleagues by supporting Jung Sunah and him [T/N: Junsu], dropping by his dressing room personally before the performance.

There’ll be ‘Dracula’ performances at Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House until September 5.

Sources: Asiae + Jung Culture
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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