[EDITORIAL] 140721 3 reasons why Kim Jun-su makes a perfect ‘Dracula’

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The curtain rose for the musical “Dracula” on July 15. Among the cast, Kim Jun-su, a musical actor and a member of the idol group JYJ, is gaining the most attention.

A local news report suggested three main reasons why Kim Jun-su’s version of “Dracula” is the most eagerly awaited.

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1. Dark atmosphere

Kim Jun-su already has experience in showing a character’s dark atmosphere through the musical “Elizabeth.” Kim also succeeded in expressing the complicated character of Dracula, who expresses both dark cruelty and innocent love toward Mina.

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2. Voice

Kim Jun-su has his own voice, which makes his performance outstanding. His husky yet delicate, soulful voice captures the audience’s attention.

 photo 20140721000549_0.jpg

3. Balance

Kim Jun-su has worked with Jung Sun-ah, the lead actress, who plays Mina, in the popular musical “Mozart.” The balance and harmony of Kim and Jung will once again make the performance better than ever.

The musical “Dracula” is to be performed until Sept. 5 at Seoul Arts Center.

Credit: Korea Herald
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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