[HQ PICS] 140715 Kim Junsu’s ‘Dracula’ preview show at Seoul Arts Center

 photo 5ab8a355b5d560824757b97968e046c0.jpg

 photo 3940dbf1f83d7958e314c5085d3018e7.jpg

 photo a72c51c8ae0468dee5f65c62399fa035.jpg

 photo bf276a43659dbcfe440c618c52f0784d.jpg

 photo 140715.jpg

 photo BsmVucpCYAAC17G.jpg

 photo BsmVuU7CcAEDfxe.jpg

 photo BsmbZgDCcAAPzbQ.jpg

 photo 182347397-53c550ae338a9771776036_800.jpg

 photo 182347397-53c54c950207a998363051_800.jpg

 photo 182347397-53c551db3d39d422533750_800.jpg

 photo 182347397-53c54f3d53b77422941482_800.jpg

Credits: picnicxiah + Ohmyjun_com + xia_marii + rivericecool
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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