[FAN SUPPORT] 140715 JYJ_PH’s Congratulatory Cake for the Most Gorgeous Dracula – KIM JUNSU

We thought of a sweet way to convey our love for Kim Junsu. What could be a better way than to give him something sweet like a Cake. We have conceptualized this project thinking how Junsu would appreciate our gift and somehow make him feel how proud we are of what he has become as a stage actor.




Tonight, July 17, 2014, our congratulatory cake for the most gorgeous Dracula Kim Junsu was delivered at the Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center, where the musical Dracula is shown. It was confirmed to have been received by a staff who will be giving our Cake to Junsu after his performance.








Like all our gifts and projects for JYJ and each member, our cake has individual messages from our avid supporters and the admins of course! ^___^

Junsu 1

This project has been a fairly easy for the team to put together because we had our admin cake master @cake4jyj who thoughtfully designed the cake for Junsu. Our admin layout expert @boiceOUTjyjstan then coordinated the designs and everything was implemented and executed accordingly by Dcakestory.

We hope that Junsu will enjoy the Cake as much as we enjoyed preparing for this project. Knowing that he will surely see the Cake and read our messages makes our heart swell with happiness.

Distance will not hinder us from expressing our love for Kim Junsu!


Our heartfelt thanks to our avid supporters Vina, Ais, Chow, Jenny, Jen, Melissa and Krissy for believing we can pull this through!

And to our Kim Junsu…we love you dearly! We hope you enjoy the Cake we prepared for you! You make us happy with your infectious laugh and beautiful voice, not to mention the hip thrust festival we have when you’re on stage! We are so proud of you, our sexy and gorgeous Dracula! Fighting!!!!

Shared by: JYJ_PH + JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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