[TWITTER] 140719 Kim Junsu Twitter Update 2: Double performances of ‘Dracula’

 photo 140719kjstw2.png

[TRANS] Now! Let’s go~~


 photo 140719kjstw3.png

[TRANS] The photoshot in remembrance of the first successful two performances todayㅋ
I took this when the Act 1 was over tonight-during the intermission!
Do you know it?
I always felt all of you were very focusing on our performance when I was on the stage~ And I always sing by that energy. Thank you so much.
My world is excited when I’m just whispering the name~

[OTHER TRANS] A commemorative photo for finishing first double performancce day without any issues. Here’s a cut from during the intermission after the 1st act of tonight’s performance!
Do you know? Everyone, your intense focus on the show can be felt on stage~ I sing through that energy. Thank you.
‘Even if I just hear that name, my world shakes’~ (T/N: these are lyrics that Dracula sings about Mina)

[ALT TRANS] I safely completed my first double performances today. Here’s a commemorative shot ㅋ [from] my night show
A cut [taken] at intermission after finishing Act 1!
Wanna know something? I could feel up on stage how everyone was extremely focused [on the performances]~ I wanted to sing that into energy. Thank you.
Merely murmuring that name, my world is shaken~

 photo Bs6O1meCUAAbLHq.jpg

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @theyoungestmin + @ohmyjunsu + rilanna of JY3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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