[SCAN + TRANS] 140704 Singapore Newspaper “My Paper”: “Blocked from Asian Games Performance, JYJ suspects another suppress from SM”

 photo BrqwY93CQAIRHDN.jpg

Boy group, JYJ, suspects that they have again being suppressed by their ex-company, SM. JYJ was appointed as Incheon Asian Games honorary ambassadors last year, however they didn’t attend this Tuesday’s press conference.

JYJ’s managing agency, C-Jes, issued a statement on 1 July indicating that JYJ suffered unfair treatment from Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committees. During contract singing, the Organizing Committees committed priority invitation for JYJ to attend opening and closing ceremony performances. And also, JYJ to perform finale of the closing ceremony.

However a month ago, the Organizing Committees suddenly changed to say that the invitation has not been finalized, and the Organizing Committees did not take the initiative to invite JYJ to attend the press conference on 1 July.

C-Jes suspects that this is caused by “external factors”. Netizens also pointed out that SM’s boy group, EXO will be attending the opening and closing ceremony, thus suspect suppression on JYJ.

Source: My Paper
Translated by: @Vichellelicious
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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