[NEWS] 140701 CJES, “Kim Junsu musical stage? This is the first time we are hearing of this”

An official announcement has been released about JYJ’s performance at the Incheon Asian Games.

JYJ’s agency, CJES Entertainment, stated on the 1st that “JYJ was appointed as Incheon Asian Games’ honorary ambassador in February, 2013″ and “We signed a written contract with the marketing and promotion department of the IAG, which stated that events related to IAG domestically and internationally must be discussed with JYJ’s side prior to the event and JYJ must have priority consideration for the opening and closing ceremonies as well as any conferences targeted towards foreign media that features a Korean singer.”

According to CJES Entertainment, representatives of the IAG promised that JYJ would be the finale act during the opening and closing ceremonies. JYJ released the official theme song, “ONLY ONE” and filmed CFs as well as holding showcases in Hanoi, Vietnam and Guangzhou, China in October and November of last year.

CJES Entertainment said, “Last month, the IAG organization committed asked if JYJ can attend the press conferences for the opening and closing ceremonies alongside the director of the opening ceremony, and we told them that we will adjust JYJ’s schedule to attend the press conference. However, we did not receive any contact after that regarding the press conference and for some unknown reason, we did not receive the contents of today’s press conference.” They said that as far as they know, JYJ could be performing with PSY.

The direction of the IAG, Jang Jin*, said at the opening/closing ceremony press conference today that “JYJ is in the line up for an official opening ceremony” and “Kim Junsu may participate in a musical stage in the second half of the opening ceremony, and if that happens then it overlaps with JYJ’s musical so it’s being adjusted now.” But in reality, JYJ’s performance is actually a pre-opening ceremony event.
[Note: Jang Jin is the very same director of “December”, Junsu’s musical from earlier this year]

However, JYJ’s side says that this is the first time they are hearing of this ‘musical stage’. CJES Entertainment stated to Oh My Star in a phone call that “We’ve never heard of said ‘Musical Special Stage’. We have no intention of adding any performances for this event without prior agreement.”

JYJ side says, “People will not be able to understand why JYJ, who have been the ambassadors and the face of the IAG for a year now, have been left out of the opening & closing ceremonies and the press conferences. To make any excuses about JYJ’s appearance at the opening and closing would be fooling themselves. It will be hard to understand why the singers of the official theme song have to perform at a pre-opening ceremony.”

JYJ has faced restrictions for unexplainable reasons. They’ve even received notice of cancellation after they received the cue sheets for the event they were supposed to attend. Of course, JYJ’s agency must be worried that this is happening again with the Incheon Asian Games.

JYJ’s side says, “The organization committee stated about the restrictions that JYJ have faced until now that ‘there definitely will not be anything of that sort’” “It’s absurd they’re not keeping their word. We hope that there is no unjust external pressure.”

Source: Oh My News via Nate
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu via Intoxiacation

TRANSLATOR NOTE: This is in response to IAG Director Jang Jin’s earlier words at the press conference. We do not believe his words because:

1. How is it possible that a musical stage and JYJ stage would overlap in time? That’s ridiculous unless the musical stage was going to be set to ONLY ONE, which is, let’s face it, even more ridiculous.

2. CJES has stated from the very beginning, since this morning KST, that they were under the impression that JYJ would perform alongside PSY in the finale. There has been no mention of this musical fiasco until Jang Jin said it in the press conference, which CJES swiftly denied as stated above.

3. Jang Jin said during the press conference that “This is not a political issue. This has nothing to do with SM Entertainment and CJES Entertainment.” The fact that he brought this up in the press conference when nobody stated or asked him about this is suspicious. This is a subject that people normally don’t talk about, but him speaking about SM Entertainment, and ‘political’ issue so willingly just proves that something IS going on and an invisible hand IS at work.

This is not a time to ignite internal wars because some want to achieve individual, hidden agendas when JYJ’s year and a half long hard work is being disrespected. The problem right now is IAG’s handling of this matter, and how they took money to block JYJ out. Let’s not lose focus of the issue at hand.

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