[INFO] 140625 C-JeS Official Site Update: 2014 JYJ Membership Week Fanmeeting Information

 photo 2014jyjmembershipweekfminfo_kr.png

July 2014, we invite all of you fans to the bigger and fancier <2014 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK>!

This Membership Week will be a meaningful time that’ll spent with all of you fans and talking about the past, the present and the future [of JYJ]; even the fanmeeting where you can personally hear the first to-be-released JYJ’s new song(s) is applicable. The following is the methods to participate in the fanmeeting.

<2014 JYJ MEMBERSHIP WEEK> Fanmeeting Information

1) Date: 3rd August 2014 (Sun)

2) Location: All of COEX’s C & D Halls, 3rd floor (COEX’s World Trade Center in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

3) Participants: Regular members of C-JeS Membership (Winning members among the regular members and members who apply in the event up to 31st July 2014)

4) Application period: 1st July 2014(Tue) ~ 13th July(Sun)
Application button will be created starting 1st July.

5) Announcement of winner(s): 16th July 2014 (Wed)

6) FAQ:
– Anyone who’s regular member to C-JeS Membership, application for subscription is not needed
– Owing to unavoidable circumstances (limited seats and smooth operation), only selected winners who have participated in the event among regular members are allowed for the entry to the fan meeting
– Fanmeeting DVD will be given out to regular members who were not selected in the event to the fanmeeting.
We ask for a great deal of your understandings.

* The schedule above could be changed without notice due to unavoidable circumstances

Source: C-JeS Official Homepage 1
Translated & Shared by: JYJ3

Shared by: Toxic Xiah


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