[NEWS] 140617 C-JeS Clarifies Misunderstanding in Dispute Between Lee Seung Chul and JYJ Kim Junsu Fans

As the conflict continues between Lee Seung Chul and the fans of JYJ′s Kim Junsu, Kim Junsu′s agency, C-JeS Entertainment made an official statement, hoping to rid of misunderstanding.

On June 17, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Through our official Facebook, we previuosly expressed our honor to be musically affiliated with Lee Seung Chul sunbaenim through this remake song. We and Lee Seung Chul′s agency have never disputed over the rights of the song.”

“The conflict began when the song was revealed through the drama ahead of the official release of the song′s information. Because the song′s melody and the lyrics were the same, fans requested a change when the OST production company revealed the song as a ′new song,′” continued C-JeS Entertainment.

“As this isn′t a direct dispute between the artists, we hope that [Lee Seung Chul] sunbaenim does not misunderstnd.”

I′m In Love, which was revealed on SBS′ You Are All Surrounded, is a remake of a track from Kim Junsu′s second album with the same title. The song was used as a background track on May 29′s broadcast of You Are All Surrounded and was released through music sites on June 5.

However, it was never clearly announced that I′m In Love was a remake song until later, causing many Kim Junsu fans to strongly express complaints.

“It is very unfortunate that a number of anonymous internet users believe this is a a group act [of complaining] by Kim Junsu fans,” said C-JeS Entertainment. “Kim Junsu′s fans were only showing support for their artist, trying to clarify ommitted information from the initial press release and not making direct complaints to the artist.”

In an ending note, C-JeS Entertainment added, “The OST production company has admitted its fault in the issue and we hope that this gets clarified for the fans of both sides with no lines being crossed.”

Credit: Mwave
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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