[VIDEO + OTHER NEWS] 140603 JYJ, Kang Hye Jung, Sul Kyung Gu and More Praise Gummy’s New Song

Gummy’s new mini album’s title song has been receiving the spotlight even before its release.

C-JeS Entertainment released a video on Naver Music and YouTube showing celebrities listening to Gummy’s new mini album title song I loved you.. so it’s okay (translated).

JYJ, Sul Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Park Sung Woong, Kang Hye Jung and Jung Sun Ah, who are all in the same agency as Gummy, listened to her new title song and poured out their praises, increasing the expectation for her new album.

Upon hearing Gummy’s song at the drama site, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong said, “Gummy returned with a softer and more detailed song and I can agree with the song since it uses every language of love.”

Kang Hye Jung also praised, “I can definitely feel a different spectrum in her voice. The song has the feel of Gummy’s unique style of ballad.”

Sul Kyung Gu said, “Gummy is an artist before she is a singer. She contained the sentiments that people across genders and age can sympathize with.”

Meanwhile, Gummy’s new song will be released on June 10.

Credits: CJES GUMMY + Mwave
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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