[PRESS PICS] 140602 Kim Junsu Attends ‘Man on High Heels’ Movie VIP Premiere

 photo 2014060201000244200014131.jpg

 photo 2014060201000245300014241.jpg

 photo 201406022037431810_1.jpg

 photo 1401708284220.jpg

 photo 2014060201000247900014431.jpg

 photo 2014060220273869365_1.jpg

 photo 1401708646332.jpg

 photo image_readtop_2014_851426_14017081031365303.jpg

 photo 1401708741142.jpg

 photo 2014060220283123627_1.jpg

 photo image_readtop_2014_851424_14017080471365302.jpg

 photo 2014060220285934474_1.jpg

 photo 2014060220294223656_1.jpg

 photo 2014060201000244100014101.jpg

 photo 2014060220485694270_1.jpg

 photo 0387404371.jpg

 photo 20140602_1401708138_46418200_1.jpg

 photo 20140602_1401708074_67458000_1.jpg

 photo 201406022046778086_538c642ceebf0.jpg

 photo 201406022044772345_538c63fbbad4a.jpg

 photo 201406022046775535_538c640fed77d.jpg

 photo 201406022021771887_538c5e8dee7f2.jpg


HD Press Pictures:

 photo tsn01_1401710366-18-org.jpg

 photo tsn02_1401710643-6-org.jpg

 photo tsn03_1401710726-26-org.jpg

 photo tsn04_1401710846-56-org.jpg

 photo tsn05_1401710961-42-org.jpg

 photo tsn06_1401711066-93-org.jpg

 photo tsn07_1401711170-45-org.jpg

 photo tsn08_1401711279-16-org.jpg

Credits: as tagged + Top Star News
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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