[PICS] 140526 2014 XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan

 photo 10338596_689319651128790_2359532759047199456_o.jpg

 photo 10259179_689319654462123_250064659511003531_o.jpg

 photo 885874_689319647795457_6116704038728777061_o.jpg

 photo 10298043_689319657795456_7743293385110058522_o.jpg

 photo 1979378_689319644462124_8810337672144744818_o.jpg

XIA | 2014 The Best Ballad concert

Client | Cjes
Artist | XIA

Producer | Bae Jin Hee / Yang Sung Kyu

Director | Kim Kyung Won(amberin)
2D Designer | Kim Bo Ram(amberin)
3D Designer | Jang Dae Hyun(amberin)

By MONOCROM(with amberin)

Credit: Monocrom FB
Shared by:
 JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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