[HQ PRESS PICS] 140514 2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Concert in Japan (Tokyo – Day 2)

 photo 1400116343-95-org.jpg

 photo 1400116387-11-org.jpg

 photo 1400116407-83-org.jpg

 photo 1400116446-52-org.jpg

 photo 1400116422-65-org.jpg

 photo 1400116462-94-org.jpg

 photo 1400116495-19-org.jpg

 photo 1400116509-61-org.jpg


No-logo pictures:

 photo 2014051510121318435.jpg

 photo i3yiWuGMw94T8.jpg

 photo ibsNcbNlcp5Juf.jpg

 photo iYPdcaV3DDdYM.jpg

 photo iLi90s2yZz9NI.jpg

 photo iE0fe3Ug5GfWu.jpg

 photo ibq44asKonNo0l.jpg

 photo iBfDGm5NG0S4E.jpg

Credit: C-JeS Entertainment via TopStarNews & @P0308K
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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