[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 140514 2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Concert in Japan (Tokyo – Day 2)

  • NONSOO_0514: photo Bnk4LjjIcAAx46cjpg_large.jpg

  • xiah_miho: photo BnlYeEKIQAAOp9Ljpg_large.jpg
  • xialupin: photo BnlaCF1IQAAVfH5jpg_large.jpg
  • xialupin: Another full house ^^ (via ohmyjunsu) photo BnlaacNIYAAs7XYjpg_large.jpg

  • kaju0731: JS: Good evening, I’m Junsu. I came to see you guys after a long time. How were you doing?? I’ll let you listen to my musical songs from now.
  • kaju0731: JS: I talked with staffs 3 days ago, but forgot the word ‘恥ずかしい(=ashamed)’. I remember the word ‘幽体離脱(=out-of-body experience)’ though…
  • kaju0731: JS: So I was disappointed at myself.. Oh, I remember the word ‘失望(=disappointed)’!!  ya~ I was surprised at myself. I didn’t forget still !!
  • kaju0731: JS: Yesterday, I forgot to get your chanting… because  it was the 1st day, so… so I did forget yesterday. I’m sorry.
  • kaju0731: JS: Under 20 years old ppl, please chant!! – Fans: Jun-chan~!! – JS: So over 20 years old ppl… – Fans: Eh~~~!! – JS: What?? No?? So twenties!!
  • kaju0731: Genie Time #XIAinTokyo #The2ndday: 1. dancing ‘Intoxication’ (イントキダンス), 2. trying tongue twister (早口言葉), 3. dancing ‘Tarantallegra’ (タラタレダンス).
  • kaju0731: JS: I love ‘Story’s lyrics. When I was a trainee, I practiced songs while paying attention to melodies. But lyrics came to be more important.
  • kaju0731: JS: Yesterday, I cried while singing next song (=TVXQ medley). But I’ll try to sing so that I do not lose to (myself).
  • kaju0731: JS: ‘I sang this medley today too. I watched your impressions on Twitter’. ‘I wanna perform till tmr morning, but your parents keep waiting for you’.
  • kaju0731: JS: I watched a fan tweeted “the memories of 8 years in 8 minutes” video. It left at impression.
  • madoka96: photo BnmBGW9IcAE8DKLjpg_large.jpg


 photo 7c107771jw1ege1i3m17sj218g0xck20.jpg
Blue ocean event during encore.

 photo BnmGpd2IUAAUQXHjpg_large.jpg

 photo BnmTdvxIgAABqNFpng_large.png

 photo BnmTlecIEAMRVSUpng_large.png

Live tweets and pictures credits: NONSOO_0514 + xiah_miho + xialupin + ohmyjunsu + kaju0731 + madoka96 + duanmubu + _WithXIA + Dear_JYJ_3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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