[CAPS + GIFS] 140407 Kim Junsu in Aramond TV CF


 photo aramond_01.jpg

 photo aramond_02.jpg

 photo aramond_03.jpg

 photo aramond_04.jpg

 photo aramond_05.jpg

 photo aramond_06.jpg

 photo aramond_07.jpg

 photo aramond_08.jpg

 photo aramond_2_01.jpg

 photo aramond_2_02.jpg

 photo aramond_2_03.jpg

 photo aramond_2_04.jpg

 photo aramond_2_05.jpg



 photo ibieiOr3sy2C2p.gif

 photo ib2mBeyPIdzL3E.gif

 photo iBLRxUJjpwyBh.gif

 photo ibzgjcxzaIZYak.gif

 photo ibcvAMo3uqJgrw.gif

Credits: @xiavitamin + ㅇㅇ & 구로하다님 via JYJ DC Gallery 1 2 3 4 5
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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