[TRANS] 140311 Hayato-san’s Blog Update: 3 Years Have Passed Since

11th March 2011
This is a day we must not forget.

Revival is still far away

The streets are….. The people….. Just like before the disaster
Getting back the vitality
Getting back the liveliness
Getting back the smiles
Until then

We also need to be alongside the revival, need to watch-over them I think

It was just when I started writing this blog
I spent a lot of time with the guys who came over to Japan for 3V2

Right ahead was the disaster

Only recently
Many became JYJ fans
There could be fans who are not aware of what happened then.
So let me try to remember those times.

10th March 2011
Junsu was in Okutama
Bursting out like a bomb, the Sugi (Japanese cedar) trees in front of Kajikaen were gushing out pure yellow pollens
He could not do without a mask in between filming
He also had to stuff his ears with tissues too ha ha
I have pollen allergy too and that was the worst times. T_T

Next morning
We finished up our filming at Kajikaen
I returned to Tokyo
Junsu moved towards Hachioji and Takao direction
During filming there, he met with the disaster
And actually Junsu was due for a fan meeting in Seoul the next day
It was an emergency situation to get Junsu back to Seoul then
There was an article about this too:


During those days
It was difficult to arrange all 3 of their schedules together
So Jaejoong and Yuchun came first to Tokyo for filming
They then returned to Seoul to join Junsu for filming there
And only after that did Junsu come to Tokyo for filming

At that time, Yuchun came to Hakata for his drama filming
And there was even a discussion on getting Jaejoong to come over and hold our celebration of filming completion at Okutama………
We didn’t’ go ahead because security became a little complicated for that
But if the 3 of them were here in Tokyo that day……

It was great that Junsu managed to go back unharmed
It was great that they held the scheduled fan meeting then

The pledged donations from them at such early timing
Even wearing black suits in that video message

Their actions were remarkable

Every year on this day, I always remember
That their career at that time was not smooth sailing
And yet the actions they took under those circumstances

When I met with Jaejoong in June that year
The first words he uttered to me were
[Are you ok?]

Not only to me
Those words were said to those affected by the disaster
And also to their Japanese fans I think

This disaster which they were so concerned about and always inside their hearts
We must not forget you see

Until the end (T/N: revival of disaster area complete)
Let us watch-over this together

Source: Hayato-san’s Blog
Translated by: Jen (@Jen_BabyLove)
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah

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