[TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 3: Photographer Kim Young Jun’s Comment about Kim Junsu

It was the first time I met Junsu when we worked together for a magazine’s cover.

My first impression of him was cheerful, cute, and, very impressive.

It was quite the reverse; I had thought that he would have be sensitive.

Working with Junsu was like a series of surprises.

I was surprised by his professional and sincere attitude,

and by his facial expression which can show a variety of images.

Since then, I’ve had several chances to meet his various features through photo shoots for Junsu’s album or advertisement.

Sometimes he’s cute like a boy, other times he overwhelms all the people with strong charisma.

Then, he comes back to a friendly young guys before I knew it…

Junsu’s such features have awakened my interest as a photographer

who have to shoot not only outer side but also inner side.

I know how charming the various colors that Junsu has,

so, I’m looking forward to every photo shoots with Junsu.

– Photographer Kim Young Jun

Translated by: Chocolat
Shared by: XIAHPRESS + JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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