[NEWS] 140212 JYJ’s Kim Junsu reveals that he has gotten the flu bug

 photo BgMqe-VCQAATDB0jpg_large.jpg

JYJ’s Kim Junsu recently updated his Twitter, where he revealed that he had gotten the flu bug.

Junsu tweeted, “I thought I wouldn’t catch a cold this year, but I got the flu bug in Busan. Frankly, it was really cold yesterday. But I got a tremendous amount of energy from the applause that you have all given me right until the final moment. Let us meet again in Daegu. One more thing, I think a double eye-lid will soon form on my left eye,” and also shared a photo.

In the photo, Junsu’s face seemed to have gotten slimmer due to his flu bug. Even so, Junsu still stood out with his flawless looking skin and good looking facial features.

Netizens commented, “He is so good looking,” “Fighting for your Daegu performance,” “Kim Junsu is still so excellent even as a musical actor, really awesome,” “Recover quickly from your flu.”

Kim Junsu is currently touring the nation for his ‘December’ musical.

Credit: KpopFighting
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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