[HQ PICS + DL] 140211 Kim Junsu in Musical ‘December’: Last Performance in Busan (Part 2) + 140207~11 Performances

Curtain Call:

 photo 0211_missu01.jpg

 photo 0211_missu02.jpg

 photo 0211_missu03.jpg

 photo 0211_missu04.jpg

 photo 0211_missu05.jpg

 photo 0211_missu06.jpg

 photo 0211_missu07.jpg

 photo 0211_missu08.jpg

 photo 0211_missu09.jpg

 photo 0211_missu09b.jpg

 photo 0211_missu09c.jpg

 photo 0211_cong01.jpg

 photo 0211_cong02.jpg

 photo 0211_cong03.jpg

 photo 0211_cong04.jpg

 photo 0211_cong05.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss01.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss02.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss03.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss04.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss05.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss06.jpg

 photo 0211_nmlss07.jpg

 photo 0211_destiny01.jpg

 photo 0211_destiny02.jpg


Final Greeting:

 photo 0211_missu10.jpg

 photo 0211_missu11.jpg

 photo 0211_missu12.jpg

 photo 0211_missu13.jpg

 photo 0211_missu14.jpg

 photo 0211_missu15.jpg

 photo 0211_missu16.jpg

 photo 0211_cong10.jpg

 photo 0211_cong11.jpg

 photo 0211_cong12.jpg

 photo 0211_cong13.jpg

 photo 0211_destiny10.jpg

 photo 0211_only00b.jpg

Credits: @missuJxiah + + + +

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140207~11 Kim Junsu in Musical ‘December’ (Busan) HQ Pics Download

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