[NEWS] 140206 Actor Park Gun Hyung, “Kim Junsu keeps on growing, he’s courageous and senseful”

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Actor Park Gun Hyung praised his co-star Kim Junsu, whom he first worked with in the same musical production 4 years ago.

Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu both played the main character ‘Ji Wook’ in the musical “December: Unfinished Song” (directed by Jang Jin), which closed the curtains in Sejong Center, Seoul on January 29.

Ji Wook is a romancist who falls in love at first sight with Lee Yeon and whose feelings of love and yearning remain unchanged even after 20 years. With different charms, Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu’s respective delicate portrayals of ‘Ji Wook’ have earned favorable reception.

“Right now Kim Junsu is still growing,” said Park Gun Hyung cheerfully yet with caring eyes in the interview with TV Daily on the morning of February 6.

Park Gun Hyung and Kim Junsu worked together 4 years ago in the musical ‘Mozart!’ at Sejong Center, wherein both played the role of ‘Mozart’. They also have a close senior-junior relationship in the celebrity soccer team ‘FC MEN’. In an interview ahead of ‘December’ opening day, Kim Junsu revealed his confidence in Park Gun Hyung and mentioned, “I learn a lot from him.”

Park Gun Hyung explained, “Junsu had a big fear inside of him. However, he’s a friend who in the end shows his bold presence on the stage more than anyone else.

“Junsu did the opening day performance and performed the first week’s shows by himself, and I saw all of them. It was because I needed to monitor the show. Junsu has courage and he’s also full of sense.”

Park Gun Hyung continued praising, “Before this, Junsu had done sung-through musicals (T/N: a musical with occasional to no spoken lines), and this was the first time he challenged a musical that involves a lot of acting. Because of that, it could be too much for him to handle. ‘December’ is one of the hardest works for me as well. How to live without being able to forget someone for 20 years, and how to deliver the emotions; it was not an easy process. Nevertheless, I think with his confidence Junsu was able to grasp it well.”

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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