[PIC + TRANS] 140130 Actor Choi Young Jo with Kim Junsu at ‘December’ After-Party: “Junsu is a great man”

Note: Musical actor Choi Young Jo is part of the ensemble in ‘December’.

 photo 1391032263306_C360_2014-01-30-02-46-22-664.jpg

I took a photo with the popular and charming Junsu while exchanging greetings.
Junsu’s Bentley? My mouth was wide open when I saw his car.
It was a really awesome car.
With no shame, I nicely said to Junsu, “Junsu-ssi~~ let me take a look at your car~~~” and Junsu laughed.
Quickly I opened the rear door and I could scan the wide and fantastic Bentley’s interior.
It would be wonderful if one day I could take a ride in such a gorgeous car.
I thought to myself that I too should grow to become a charming actor who can ride a fantastic car like that~ so delightful.
How admirable, Junsu truly is a great man!
Having done performances together with him, I also have become a fan.
Next are Busan and Daegu! Fighting!
I feel so touched by the sincerity and hard work of fans who came from Japan and China to see our performances.
Of course, you’re not my fans, but I wish you a safe trip back home.
Arigatou! Xie xie!!

Source: Choi Young Jo’s Blog
Translated by: pvtse of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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