[NEWS] 131231 JYJ Junsu Brings Gentle Breeze with Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra

 photo 1230_press01.jpg

JYJ Junsu brought back a warm breeze with his live concert.

“The curtain rose for Junsu’s ’2013 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2.’ For 150 minutes, Junsu and 35-member Orchestra presented a luxurious performance of eight musical numbers and OST songs, ballads from his solo albums and songs he personally wanted to sing to his fans,” said Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment.

Junsu worked his magic and it was strong from the beginning. The audience were instantly enchanted by the first three songs from the musical Elizabeth and Mozart!. Then came a romantic love story with Junsu’s splendid performances of ballads and OST songs.

 photo 1230_press05.jpg

Celebrating the end of year 2013, Junsu didn’t forget to have a ‘genie time,’ granting wishes from the audience. He presented a three minute PR for a virtual interview saying he’s very “athletic” and has a “toned buttocks.” He also said he is “innocent, yet not so innocent,” and blinded the audience with a sexy dance.

At the climax of the concert, Junsu sang his second solo album’s title track “Incredible” in a ballad version, accompanied by acoustic instruments.

 photo 1230_press04.jpg

As for the encore song, he chose singer In Sooni’s “Father.”

“Most of you may think of mother’s love, but I want us to think of fathers who aren’t used to expressing their hearts, even in times of a celebrated year-end. I wanted us to do our filial piety to our parents and hope this song touches your hearts as it did mine,” said Junsu, as pictures of many fathers were shot up in the screen behind him.

 photo 1230_press02.jpg photo 1230_press03.jpg

From beginning to end, the audience was mesmerized by Junsu’s magic!

Junsu’s concert continues today as well. He plans to have a countdown event to send of the year of 2013 with his beloved audience.

Picture Credit: C-JeS Entertainment
Source: Kpoppla
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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