[HQ PICS] 131230 2013 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2 (Day 1)

Note: Watch the fancams HERE.

 photo 1230_4feel01.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel02.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel03.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel03b.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel03c.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel04.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel05.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel06.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel07.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel08.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl01.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl02.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl03.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl04.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl05.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl06.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl07.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl08.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl09.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl10.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl11.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl12.jpg

 photo 1230_with01.jpg

 photo 1230_with02.jpg

 photo 1230_with03.jpg

 photo 1230_with04.jpg

 photo 1230_with05.jpg

 photo 1230_with06.jpg

 photo 1230_with07.jpg

 photo 1230_with08.jpg

 photo 1230_with09.jpg

 photo 1230_with10.jpg

 photo 1230_with11.jpg

 photo 1230_with12.jpg

 photo 1230_with13.jpg

 photo 1230_only01.jpg

 photo 1230_picnic01.jpg

 photo 1230_picnic02.jpg

 photo 1230_picnic03.jpg

 photo 1230_picnic04.jpg

 photo 1230_toxia01.jpg


Update – new pics:

 photo 1230_4feel09.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel10.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel11.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel12.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel13.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel14.jpg

 photo 1230_4feel15.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl13.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl14.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl15.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl16.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl17.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl18.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl19.jpg

 photo 1230_babyl20.jpg

Credit: @The_4Feel + @JyjBabylove + + + + @TO_XIA
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah

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