[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 131230 2013 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2 (Day 1)

  • xiappappaya:
  • cOOl_bOaRdEr7:
  • xiahserena:
  • Truecolor2:
  • sugarnoona: Rudolph song from Elisabeth
  • sugarnoona: Mozart songs now
  • XiahDerTod: Now is Junsu’s all musical run through. First is Mozart. He will run through all his musicals
  • sugarnoona: Talk time
  • ohmyjunsu: He Introduced Kim Sohyun as ‘Musical Goddess’ and said he was her fan xD
  • ohmyjunsu: Sohyun said she saw Mozart twice lol
  • sugarnoona: 스치다 [Serendipity, duet with Kim Sohyun]
  • sugarnoona: Junsu [is wearing] brown long coat with white tshirt inside..
  • sugarnoona: 12월 [December]
  • sugarnoona: No reason.. New version.
  • sugarnoona: No reason without sofa..acoustic style…more sexy than ever
  • ohmyjunsu: He referred to the question junsu fans asked him this year in the Xiaday quiz about marriage xD
  • ohmyjunsu: the question is ‘When will you get married’ and the choices were 24, 25, 26, 27 and 77 xD. He is 27 now lmao
  • ohmyjunsu: He complained ‘Isn’t this telling me to never get married?!’ And then he said ‘did you guys see the extra choice I added, next year?’
  • Lookkaew_SK: Ballad version of Incredible was absolutely breathtaking and its original version with solid dancing totally rock the venue TT TT so awesome
  • listenxiah:
  • ohmyjunsu: He asked all the guys to scream and went ‘girls you guys don’t have to go URGGGGGGGGGG’ XD
  • ohmyjunsu: ‘I have fans in their 10s? I haven’t done broadcast activities in 4 years.. why do you like me? There are younger idol groups..’
  • ohmyjunsu: Then everyone started chanting KIM JUNSU and he bowed 90 degrees ㅠㅠ
  • ohmyjunsu: Omg… he’s singing Aboji [Father]…. Insooni’s song.. one of my Favorites
  • ohmyjunsu: At the end of the credits video Junsu held a series of cards that said ‘Did you have fun today? Me too^^ You will be with me in the new year too right? Saranghae. Go safely’
  • xiappappaya: (ending video)
  • listenxiah:
  • listenxiah:
  • Lookkaew_SK: Best. Concert. Ever
  • NastyaChichi: Junsu is so amazing no words can describe it. I’m in awe once again.
  • NastyaChichi: His singing is perfect, how can he sing like this? I don’t know. He must be not human ㅋ
  • NastyaChichi: All his outfits were just so gorgeous ♡ perfect. And white suits him so well :3
  • NastyaChichi: Each song…each performance…just wow. And finally I was utterly satisfied with his look. Ideal concert ♡
  • XiahDerTod: I’m in love with those title song remix from Junsu. Last year I loved Tarantellegra ballad ver so much and this year is Incredible ballad
  • ohmyjunsu: Genie time was great today… first wish was ‘brag about yourself for 3 min’. Junsu asked ’1 minute ok?’ And fans went ANDWE!! He said that he has great athletic ability and stamina.. fans went ohhh~ and he went ‘…why are you guys making that sound’ XD
  • ohmyjunsu: He kept saying hmm.. I don’t know… such a modest boy ^^
  • ohmyjunsu: 2nd genie time was sexy time in front of the girl.. junsu was hesitant but they started playing Turn It Up and I saw junsu make a cute frustrated face xD he was so close to me too so.. not a bad genie time even tho he has done it so many times already
  • ohmyjunsu: 3rd was to sing the ‘information song’ they play+sing during December. The girl handed him the lyrics and he started singing but said he doesn’t really know the tune of the song. But he sang it perfectly hahah and even did the actions that the real performance includes xD
  • ohmyjunsu: Oh and he said ‘should the cast of December come up? (Because they were there) and fans started chanting GO UP GO UP xD
  • xiappappaya:

Admin’s note: apologies for the missing tweets from our trusted sources. Please wait for the fancam post.
Below is the set list for today’s concert:

 photo BcvN0-xCEAA2Ul9jpg_large.jpg

1. The Shadows Grow Longer (Elisabeth Musical)
2. The Last Dance (Elisabeth Musical)
3. Mirror / Rudolph’s Song (Elisabeth Musical)
4. How Cruel is Life (Mozart Musical)
5. Golden Star (Mozart Musical)
6.To Know You Means to Love You (Mozart Musical) with Kim Sohyun
7. Serendipity / Brushing Past with Kim Sohyun
8. December
9. Too Love
10. No Reason
[Genie Time]
11. 11am
12. I Love You (OST Empress Ki)
13. Thank U For
14. Uphill Road
15. Tsubomi
16. Incredible (Acoustic Version)
17. Incredible
18. Love is Like a Snowflake
19. Father



 photo Bcvf99iCAAArKeujpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvRnAuCUAE6jrqjpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvTa0mCcAAYm39jpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvXUzTCUAAucn5jpg_large.jpg

 photo Bcvi93vCUAE9L4njpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvU9K9CQAA1gjljpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvjBVOCEAAsvJpjpg_large.jpg

 photo BcvWQWWCMAI_oG1jpg_large.jpg

Live tweets & pictures credit: xiappappaya + cOOl_bOaRdEr7 + xiahserena + Truecolor2 + sugarnoona + XiahDerTod + ohmyjunsu + Lookkaew_SK + listenxiah + NastyaChichi + ZZ_UNGS2 + XIA_destinyjun + Ohmyjun_com + JyjBabylove + onlyxiacom + _WithXIA
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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