[OTHER TWITTER] 131214 Mama Kim tweets about an interesting backstage story from ‘Empress Ki’ cast

 photo 131214jsmom1.png photo 131214jsmom2.png

[TRANS] Wanna hear good news?~^^ I have heard that while Joo Jinmo, Ha Jiwon, Ji Changwook, Kwon Ohjoong and all the other actors and actresses were having their make-up done in the dressing-room, Joo Jinmo suddenly played the Empress Ki OST song “I Love You” with his cellphone~~!! All the actors, actresses and the staff present altogether in the dressing-room were talking all at once about how the song was so nice and how they were only listening to this song lately so the waiting room was very noisy!~^^ There was even a happy rumour that since Ha Jiwon also liked the song very much, she had listened to it over 10 times on the day of its release while waiting for filming~ hehe

Source: @zunoxiahmom
Translated by: @Sheenathe6004
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah



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