[INTERVIEW] JYJ’s Junsu ‘I Still Lack So Much’

Singer Junsu has successfully perfumed in musicals such as ‘Mozart,’ ‘Tears of Heaven,” and Elizabeth,” and is now proving his worth as a musical actor. Junsu is an idol singer turned musical actor, and he’s worked very hard to wear that title proudly.

He’s planning to meet with his fans in his upcoming musical”December: An Unfinished Song” starting December 16th. He will be playing the lead role of Ji Wook, and he explained the reasons why he is standing again on the musical stage.

“I still lack so much. I think to myself, ‘Can I be confident?’ when I consider that the title ‘musical actor’ will appear before my name. I’ve been scolded a lot while performing, and even though I’m lacking I want to keep striving and show you all that I’m continually changing and developing into a musical actor. I think I can only show that kind of effort and truthfulness onstage. Although I’m still learning, I’m very proud that I’m always improving little by little. As a 25-year old I think I’ll be able to stand tall as a musical actor that doesn’t need to be ashamed.”

His musical ranked number 1 in musical ticket sales in the 1st week of December, and shows great influence and power in terms of ticket sales. However, he shared that the burden is still great.

“There was a little frustration because of the difference in how I was measured. I think singer turned musical actors are judged very differently. When other actors don’t perform well on stage, people say things like, ‘He hasn’t finished loading yet,’ or ‘This is the one time he’s acted this way.’ However, when singer turned actors make a mistake, people respond by saying things such as ‘Why did you come here?’ When musical actors go off pitch people say, ‘His condition must be not good,’ but if I make a mistake they respond by hinting that I should quit. It’s burdensome.”

Despite the hardship that he faces, Junsu chose to star in the musical ‘December,’ which is known to be difficult even for more experienced actors. What could be the reason for his decision?

“It’s definitely true that this project is more difficult than doing musicals that have already been established, and it wasn’t an easy decision. However I was attracted to Kim Kwang Suk’s song, and I was also happy to be working with Director Jang Jin. There are many scenes that are theatrical, and it’s one area that I’ve always wanted to try. I definitely thought that this was a good opportunity for me to learn. If I were to sing in the same way as Kim Kwang Suk, it would have been very difficult, but on this stage it’s very loud and magnificent. I’m doing my best to try to sing in a way that fits the arrangement.

Junsu went on to explain that ‘December’ has a similar feel to ‘Mozart.’

“Kim Kwang Suk has a similar feel to that of genius musician Mozart. I don’t know how he came up with these lyrics to go along with this type of melody, and that’s why I want to meet him all the more. Any singer would be honored to be able to imitate this senior.”

Junsu also expressed that ‘Mozart’ was one of his most memorable works.

“At the time, I had nothing but that stage, and my fear was great. But what gave me courage were the lyrics that helped me express what was in my heart. When I couldn’t speak the words in my heart, ‘Golden Star’ spoke for me. I was able to address the feelings I had with lyrics such as ‘Why don’t you love.’ I was able to free myself from the walls I had built around my heart.”

“While singing ‘Golden Star’ I was able to indirectly express the stress that I had. That’s why I would cry every time, even though it’s not a scene that involves tears. Why do people only see me as a member of TVXQ, why don’t they see me as an individual, I was able to cry out from the stage that I’m a person, too. The song gave me courage and strength.”

Junsu continued, “What does it feel like to be a musical actor that people believe in? I know I have to work harder. I believe it’s good luck.” He was abashed at the compliments directed towards him. He said, “I was able to receive love onstage, and that’s how I was able to stand on the stage once again. Even though I thought I’d never be able to go to an awards ceremony, I was able to attend. I want to continue doing musicals as long as I am able to,” and revealed his determination and passion for performing in musicals.

‘December” is a musical that celebrates Kim Kwang Suk’s 50th anniversary. It is a love story that takes place in 1980 in a university setting. Kim Kwang Suk’s song, director Jang Jin’s solid storyline, and the colorful cast all come together to move the audience in a new way. The first performance will take place on December 16th at the Sejong Center Theater.

Picture Credit: OSEN
Shared by: JYJ3 + Toxic Xiah


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